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Investors across Edmond & Oklahoma trust Melrose to manage their properties.

Melrose Realty’s mission is to serve our residents with excellent property management service in Edmond & Oklahoma. We make sure we provide quality home environments to our residents, implement exceptional opportunities for personal and professional growth to our employees and provide Melrose partners and clients with the highest real estate service.

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Property Management Edmond, OK

We know that while everyone touts the benefits of owning properties, many fail to acknowledge just how challenging it can be to select and manage those properties without help. It can feel like carrying an extra full-time job.

At Melrose Realty, we happily serve both experts as well as beginners; regardless of which side of the real estate spectrum you fall on, we have your back. We offer quality properties for our tenants and the best real estate services for our clients. With a commitment to quality at the core of our business operations here in Oklahoma, we are your one-stop shop for property management in Edmond, OK. When you think real estate in Oklahoma, think Melrose Realty.

Connecting Clients & Properties

At Melrose, we understand how difficult it can be for buyers to find the perfect home. From architecture style to location, we know that choosing exactly what kind of property you want is hard enough without the complications of closing a deal. It can be an uphill battle for first-time buyers. But Melrose will expertly help every step of the way with expert property management and realty in Edmond, Oklahoma.

We curate top property listings in Edmond, Oklahoma, and know the streets like the back of our hands. Whether you are newlyweds looking for a cozy home away from the main streets in Edmond, or a young professional chasing the heart of the city, Melrose has something for everyone. And in a world full of red tape, we will never bully you into buying shady property. Our process is transparent from start to finish, and we never compromise in our efforts to provide you with not only the best service but also the right service. After all, home is where the heart is. We provide a full-service property management experience for all our clients.

Connecting clients and properties
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Best Value for Your Property

Are you getting the best value for your property? If you aren’t, it may not be your property’s fault. Too many property management companies come up short when it comes to maximizing value for stakeholders.

No doubt, selling a property can be challenging. Not only do you need to find willing buyers, but you also need to market to them according to your goals. Property management companies in Edmond, OK often completely overlook the second part. Selling is an art of its own. Selling something as large and complex as property will benefit greatest from pushing the right marketing buttons.

Done well, you may increase the value to potential buyers. But even a few missteps can reduce your property’s value drastically. At Melrose, we refine the art of selling properties. Our agents follow a set of tried and tested tactics derived from years of experience to best market your property to potential buyers. On top of that, we stay up-to-date with current market conditions in Edmond & Oklahoma City so that you can strike when the iron is hot. The Melrose goal is to help you sell your property both quickly and at the best price possible.

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Maximizing Your Realty Returns

Are you an investor looking for an investment property? We have the perfect plan for you. Whether you already own rental properties in Edmond, OK or are ready to include them in your portfolio, investing in real estate never goes out of style.

But be wary of the property management companies that promise unbelievable returns in unbeatable times. At Melrose, we’re in it for the long haul. We can help you transform the upfront hassles of real estate investment into long-term returns. Skip the social media influencers promising instant gratification, and learn how serious real estate investments can become a manageable, profitable part of your portfolio all the way into retirement.

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Book Our Services in Edmond, OK

You have a friend and neighbor in Melrose Realty. We are here to help, and we don’t shy away from questions!

We know that real estate can be confusing, especially when more than a few Edmond property management and realty companies are sending mixed messages in an effort to open your wallet.

At Melrose, you are our priority. We make sure that your management needs are met, whether leasing a first-time home or expanding your commercial or residential portfolio. Our dedicated team has been around the block. Ready to start? Still have some hesitations? Let us know about them, with the best property management company in Edmond, OK! Book an initial consultation and we can address it.


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We have experience managing hundreds of investment properties. We also help our clients purchase and sell commercial and residential property.


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