Commercial Property Management in Oklahoma City & Edmond

With property investment comes property management. As the owner, you have two choices:

  1. Act as the landlord and perform all of a landlord’s tasks at no additional cost to you (other than time and energy).
  2. Hire Melrose Realty as your property management company. We’ll do the landlord’s work for you.

As an investor, you can easily make the first choice. After all, acting in the role of landlord can be time-consuming but can also save you money by doing the work yourself. But doing the job of a landlord also means:

  • Screening, approving, and dealing with tenants
  • Maintaining the property
  • Marketing the property when vacancies occur

And these are just a few of the things an owner and landlord need to focus on. Commercial properties are often more complex and require even more attention, depending on the type of commercial property you own.

But now you may be wondering why you should hire us and not some other commercial management company. After all, what sets us apart?

Other than our expertise and experience, we also aren’t focused on sending mixed messages about what we provide in the hopes of getting you to open your wallet to us. Instead, we’re upfront about what we provide and how much it’ll cost. As a result, hiring Melrose Realty will be the most effective and efficient decision you’ll make for your property’s potential, not to mention your profit potential.

With Melrose Realty, you get full-service commercial property management. We’ll handle everything a landlord would, so you don’t have to.

Our Property Management Services

Melrose Realty manages over three hundred properties throughout Oklahoma, mainly focused in the Oklahoma City and Edmond areas. Whether they’re residential, multi-family, rental property, or retail properties, we handle them all.

If you’ve got a warehouse space, we have the experts to manage it. If you’ve got office spaces, we have a vast network of clients who are always on the lookout for potential landing spots.

Each partner’s commercial property is treated with the attention and care necessary to ensure investors and tenants receive the services they need to thrive and prosper. Our priorities are to maximize profits for our clients while also protecting their investment for years to come.

Our services include handling:

  • Marketing
  • Tenants
  • Leases
  • Maintenance and Inspections
  • Rent
  • Records and Reports
  • Emergencies

Let’s dive into more detail about what those services mean to you.


Our marketing strategy provides the fastest means to attract potential tenants, even allowing them to apply through their smartphones. We do this by advertising vacancies online on hundreds of listing sites. We also post available properties on our website. This gives us the fastest and most efficient reach possible.


We screen potential tenants using:

  • Background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Past payment history
  • Planned/proposed use of the property, including any remodeling or customization
  • Satisfactory lease terms
  • Capability of tenants to manage their own maintenance

Our screening process is thorough and the highest quality tenants are validated for your review and consideration without delay.


With commercial property, the rule of thumb is usually multi-year leases for qualifying multi-year tenants. Finding a tenant that qualifies for such a lease can take time, which means vacancies can last longer compared to residential properties.

That being said, we understand the need for negotiating longer-term leases for commercial properties. We also understand the importance of returning tenants and renewing leases in a timely fashion.

Maintenance and Inspections

Our property management software allows for the submitting and processing of work orders as well as rapid communication with vendors or contractors. This results in quicker problem resolution and prevents them from becoming lingering issues.

We also have a vast knowledge of local building codes and the required inspections needed for all types of rental properties.


Our property management system makes it fast, easy, and secure for tenants to make payments online via several options. This also allows us to deposit validated funds into your bank account without delay.

Records and Reports

We post Owner’s Statements to an online, secure, Owner’s Portal. This on-demand accessible feature provides a quick snapshot of your property details. Additional reports such as maintenance invoices can be provided at your request.


We’re only a phone call or email away. We treat all emergencies with the speed and attention they demand.

Again, you can choose to do all that stuff listed above by yourself. Or you can rely on a team of experts who understand how difficult it can be to do all that stuff by yourself.

Commercial Property Management Company in OKC & Edmond

When you think about commercial property management, think Melrose Realty. First-rate service is always our number one priority. We are the #1 rated commercial property management company in Oklahoma City & Edmond known to provide easy solutions to your complex buildings. Ready to start? Book an initial consultation and we can address any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Melrose can help streamline the entire process of renting your property. We have professional experience screening tenants, marketing properties effectively to reduce vacancy periods, and preparing properties for rent. This means less time spent dealing with your rental, and more peace of mind.

Landlord insurance covers damages caused to the property by break-ins, natural disasters, etc. when shopping for insurance ensure you have a Real Cash Value (RCV) policy. However, for some disaster-specific insurance, you may need to sign up for a separate policy like flood policies. Liability insurance also covers you in case of tenant lawsuits. You can also encourage your tenants to take a renters insurance policy so that they are covered in case of any incidents that damages their belongings.

At Melrose we manage a wide variety of properties that include apartments, condominium, multifamily units, single family homes.

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