Rental Property Management in OKC & Edmond, OK

Real estate investing involves making a lot of difficult choices.

Should you invest in residential or commercial properties or both? Do you want to start small or jump in on a multi-family property if you choose residential? If you want to invest in commercial property, do you stick to a specific type like retail or industrial spaces or branch out and include office space in your portfolio?

The hard choices don’t end once you invest in a rental property. You still need to consider whether you should hire a property management company and which is the right one, especially when more than a few property management companies seem more interested in getting you to open your wallet rather than telling you what you’re paying for.

Melrose Realty doesn’t play those games. When you work with us, you’ll know exactly what you can expect, how we’ll deliver, and what it costs. In fact, you can check out an example of our costs and rental listings on another page on this site.

For now, though, let’s focus on what you can expect and how we’ll deliver so that you know hiring us for your rental property management needs in OKC & Edmond is your most efficient and effective decision.

The Melrose Realty Difference with Rental Properties

When it comes to rental properties, managing them essentially means:

  • Screening and approving tenants and then dealing with any of their rental property needs as they come up
  • Scheduling or approving repairs and inspections
  • Collecting rent
  • Marketing vacancies and filling them with new tenants

As the owner, you can do this on your own at no extra cost financially to yourself. However, there will be a cost in terms of the time you spend doing it and the amount of attention it will require of you to ensure the work is done the right way. The more properties you have, the more this may become your regular full-time job.

The other option is to hire a rental property management company like Melrose Realty to handle all that work for you. This will give you your time back while providing you with a trustworthy and reliable service. A service where you and your property are our priority.

We understand all the benefits of investing in a rental property and appreciate how difficult it is to manage without help. By hiring us, you’ll hire a team of experts to handle everything a landlord would, so you don’t have to. You’ll have that time you would’ve spent acting as the landlord to invest in other pursuits, knowing you can trust us to ensure your property is maintained and profits maximized.

What We Provide: Rental Property Investment & Management

Melrose Realty manages hundreds of rental properties throughout Oklahoma, including Edmond & Oklahoma City. We handle them all, whether they’re residential, multi-family, commercial, or retail.

Our priority is maximizing your profits while protecting your investment for years. We do this by:

  • Marketing Your Property: We advertise vacancies online on hundreds of listing sites. We also post available properties on our website. This strategy provides the fastest means to attract potential tenants, allowing them to apply through their smartphones.
  • Creating and Executing Leases for Rental Properties: We understand the differences between residential and commercial property leases and the need to negotiate longer-term leases for the latter. We also understand the importance of returning tenants and renewing leases in a timely fashion.
  • Scheduling and Executing Inspections: We have a vast knowledge of local building codes and the required inspections for all rental properties.
  • Vetting Potential Tenants: Our streamlined tenant-screening process includes background checks, credit checks, and researching past rent payment histories. Our screening process is completed quickly and the highest quality tenants are validated and selected immediately.
  • Collecting Rent: Our property management system makes it fast and easy for tenants to submit validated payments online via several options, such as electronic funds transfer, E-check or credit card. This system also allows us to deposit funds into your bank account without delay.
  • Scheduling and Executing Maintenance: Our property management software allows for the submitting and processing of work orders as well as rapid communication with vendors or contractors. This results in quicker problem resolution and prevents them from becoming lingering issues.
  • Handling Emergencies Effectively and Efficiently: We’re only a phone call or email away. We treat all emergencies with the speed and attention they demand.
  • Maintain Records and Statements: We post Owner’s Statements to an online, secure, Owner’s Portal. This on-demand accessible feature provides a quick snapshot of your property details. Additional reports such as maintenance invoices can be provided at your request.

Contact Melrose Realty: Expert Rental Property Managers in OKC

At Melrose Realty, you are our priority.

Still, have questions? Ready to start? Contact us to book an initial consultation and we can address any lingering hesitations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our application process, we perform a full background check. This includes a credit check, verification of income, history of late payments, investigation of prior residence, and eviction history.

Depending on the application process, it will take 2-3 hours during business hours to approve your rental application.

Melrose understands that with any property, repairs and maintenance are a natural part of your home. This is why we work closely with you to handle tenant requests and make best maintenance decisions for your property. Typically the owners of the investment property unless the maintenance was done by the tenant which will be their responsibility.

At Melrose we manage a wide variety of properties that include apartments, condominium, multifamily units, single family homes.

Paying only a partial amount for the rent counts as a default (depending on the state and local laws). However, after 15 days you can begin the eviction process.

You can evict a person with a valid reason such as, failure to pay rent, causing too much damage to the property, etc. The eviction process varies by state, however, they are more or less the same. The steps that need to be followed are: - Fill out a formal eviction notice after a reason for eviction is established. - You can place the notice on their front door and send it via email. The paperwork must specify a deadline to comply with the notice. - If the tenant fails to meet the required deadline, the next step is to filing an eviction lawsuit. - If you win the FED, the judge will issue the terms of the eviction.

If your property is ready and priced at a market rate, your average wait time is about 20-30 days.

The average rent in Edmond is $1400. The cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality.

If your property is ready and priced at a market rate, your average wait time is different pertaining to the month it is listed. Call Jake and ask for a reasonable estimate of time to lease your property.

The average rent in OKC is $1400. The cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality.

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