Residential Property Management Services in Oklahoma City & Edmond

There also comes the need for the management of those properties. Managing residential properties usually involves:

  • Dealing with tenants
  • Maintaining the property
  • Scheduling repairs and inspections
  • Marketing vacancies and screening new tenants

The bullets above are only a snapshot of what needs to be focused on. As a result, owning a residential property can feel like a full-time job.

To save time and energy, you can hire a property management agency whose team is made up of experts in handling the responsibilities of maintaining your residential property, so you don’t have to.

That’s why working with Melrose Realty is the best solution for residential property investors in OKC and Edmond who don’t have the time to act as the landlord. You’ve already invested in the property. Let us take care of it for you while maximizing your profits.

Why Choose Melrose Realty for Residential Property Management?

Melrose Realty manages hundreds of properties throughout Oklahoma, many of them residential. Each property is treated with the appropriate attention and care necessary to ensure investors and tenants receive the services they need. As a result, properties, and even communities, thrive and prosper.

You’ll be hiring a company you can both trust and rely on. We focus on quality service and return on your investment. After all, you’re hiring us to act in your best interest. Our job is to ensure your property remains occupied, maintained, and profitable.

With Melrose Realty, you get full-service residential property management. We go above and beyond what’s required to maximize our clients’ financial returns while protecting their investments. We do this by filling vacancies, minimizing rental turnover time, and always providing quality service for owners and tenants. In the long run, this encourages residents to become long-term tenants and investors to become long-term partners.

What You Can Expect from Residential Property Managers in Oklahoma

Our residential property management services in OKC and Edmond consist of:

  • Property Marketing
  • Screening Potential Tenants
  • Leasing
  • Collecting Rents
  • Adjusting Rents based on comparative units
  • Scheduling and Executing Routine Maintenance

We are your one-stop shop for residential property management throughout Oklahoma City and Edmond. But what exactly does a lot of that mean?

Residential Property Marketing

We utilize marketing software to advertise vacancies online to hundreds of listing sites while simultaneously posting available properties to our well-regarded and sought-out website. This strategy provides the fastest means to attract potential tenants, even allowing them to apply through their smartphones.

While attracting and screening future tenants, we’ll work with you to ensure your property is ready to be occupied as soon as possible. This includes refreshing interiors and exterior spaces as necessary, scheduling routine maintenance throughout the property, scheduling and performing inspections as required, and updating or repairing any appliances, fixtures, or household systems prior to a new tenant moving into the residence.

Tenant Screening for Residential Properties

At Melrose Realty, we maximize the use of technology to find and screen the best possible tenants for your property. Our streamlined tenant-screening process includes:

  • Background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Past rent payment history

Our screening process is completed quickly and the highest quality tenants are validated and placed without delay.

Leasing Management

We generate leases for review and approval in accordance with state and local laws.

Collecting Rents

Our property management system makes it fast and easy for residents to submit validated payments online via several options, such as electronic funds transfer, E-check or credit card. This system also allows us to deposit funds into your bank account without delay. The days of waiting for a physical check in the mail are over.

Adjusting Rents

With our Rental Rate Tool, you’ll be able to see actual rental rates for properties similar to yours. This allows us to keep prices competitive while filling vacancies faster.

Scheduling and Executing Routine Maintenance

We diligently ensure your investment is maintained and protected throughout any occupancy or vacancy. Our property management software allows for the submitting and processing of work orders as well as rapid communication with vendors or contractors. This results in quicker problem resolution.

Long-Term Residents

Our goal is ultimate to keep you satisfied as a client, your valuable property protected, and residents happy and supported. In the end, we hope to encourage long-term occupancy, minimize vacancies, and ensure a constant income stream.

Best Residential Property Management Company in Edmond & OKC

For investors, residential properties can be some of the most important investments out there and must be managed by experts in the field. For tenants, residential property isn’t an investment but a home where they want to feel safe and supported. By hiring Melrose Realty, you’re hiring professionals that can balance both parties’ needs, leading to long-term residency and maximum profits. We are known as the best residential property management company across Edmond & Oklahoma City & will provide you the best possible solution for your property.

First-rate service is always our number one priority. Contact us today for an initial consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Melrose can help streamline the entire process of renting your property. We have professional experience screening tenants, marketing properties effectively to reduce vacancy periods, and preparing properties for rent. This means less time spent dealing with your rental, and more peace of mind.

Throughout our application process, we perform a full background check. This includes a credit check, verification of income, history of late payments, investigation of prior residence, and eviction history.

Depending on the application process, it will take 2-3 hours during business hours to approve your rental application.

Landlord insurance covers damages caused to the property by break-ins, natural disasters, etc. when shopping for insurance ensure you have a Real Cash Value (RCV) policy. However, for some disaster-specific insurance, you may need to sign up for a separate policy like flood policies. Liability insurance also covers you in case of tenant lawsuits. You can also encourage your tenants to take a renters insurance policy so that they are covered in case of any incidents that damages their belongings.

At Melrose we manage a wide variety of properties that include apartments, condominium, multifamily units, single family homes.

If your property is ready and priced at a market rate, your average wait time is about 20-30 days.

The average rent in Edmond is $1400. The cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality.

If your property is ready and priced at a market rate, your average wait time is different pertaining to the month it is listed. Call Jake and ask for a reasonable estimate of time to lease your property.

The average rent in OKC is $1400. The cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality.

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